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Majority of men over 40 years suffer from very unpleasant disease, that earlier was called impotency, and now is mostly known as erectile dysfunction. However even if erectile dysfunction sounds not so offensive to men, it doesn’t mean that the today’s problem is not that unpleasant and harmful. Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed when a man regularly faces problems in the achievement or maintenance of the penile erection. You can imagine that this problem manifests in the most inappropriate moment when you are already aroused and seems to be ready for a great night.

However, modern men are luckier than their predecessors who did not have at their disposal medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Nowadays you can find at drug stores the most popular medicines used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction – Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. However there is a little problem – you cannot buy these medicines at conventional drug store without a prescription. You have to visit your doctor every time you want to restore your erection, pay him for visits, and then buy expensive medicines which are actually expensive due to a simplest reason because they are widely advertised and their manufacturers pay enormous money sums for it.

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