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This is sold for weight loss as it is an appetite suppressant. It is used to fight obesity, and it is used with diet and exercise. Phentermine results is a way to lose weight as you are learning the ways to eat and exercise. This affects certain glands to decrease your appetite as it regulates your sleep cycles. This should not be used to substitute for a proper diet or exercise, but it can be used with a reduced calorie diet. For you to continue to lose weight you have to stay active to prevent all weight loss from returning.

This is the most appetite suppressant that is prescribed today. The main reason is the cost of this diet drug as this has received an approval for a short term treatment of obesity. Phentermine results may cause side effects as you can deal with heart or lung problems. If you notice chest pain, fainting, swelling, or trouble breathing, you should consult with your physician. These do not require the need of medical attention as these can go away during the treatment. Your body adjusts to the medication but you need to inform your doctor if any of the these conditions continue. This should be taken on an empty stomach, and you should take this medicine before breakfast.

Avoid taking this medication late in the day, and avoid taking this medication before going to bed. Take your dose as soon as possible, but if it time for your next dose skip that dose. You should not share this prescription with other people. This may cause you to become dizzy or drowsy, so you cannot drive when you take this medication. In your plan you should offer diet and exercise when you take this medication. This is a drug that should be taken on a short term basis. You are advised to stop taking this medicine after twelve weeks but continue with your diet and exercise plan. When you take this medicine, it is only to help the obese people with their weight loss. This is to offer a weight loss plan by following a low calorie diet.