Xanax Use

For millions of Americans, anxiety disorders are disruptive, debilitating and often the reason for loss of job and serious problems in family relationships. – APA

Panic and anxiety disorders are controllable without drugs. Patients can reduce their anxiety and panic to manageable levels with a proper support system. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is very a successful therapy. CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) helps patients change their views and outlook on life and reframe negative emotions into positive ones.

Many people are very concerned about Xanax withdrawal and Xanax rebound, but reports of “going through hell” can be greatly exaggerated. With a slow (very slow) reduction in dosage, withdrawal can be tolerable, even unnoticed. This is especially true when the user understands that these are symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawal before hand.

Long term Xanax use

Long term Xanax use can give rise to many unwanted effects, including poor memory and cognition, emotional blunting, depression, increasing anxiety, Xanax dependence and Xanax withdrawal.

Xanax dependence and Xanax withdrawal occurs within eight weeks in more than one third of patients. Preliminary reports of discontinuation of Xanax therapy in patients with panic disorder have revealed worsening of symptoms despite gradual withdrawal of medication.

35% reported Xanax withdrawal syndrome
27% reported Xanax rebound panic
13% reported Xanax rebound anxiety
10% reported both Xanax withdrawal syndrome and Xanax rebound

Taken from a 1988 study involving 126 patients with panic disorder and phobic avoidance received either Xanax (alprazolam) or placebo in doses of 2 to 10 mg daily for eight weeks. Dosage was then tapered over a 4 week period after study was concluded.

Abundant evidence suggests that Xanx is no longer effective after a few weeks or months of regular use. Xanax loses much of its effectiveness because of the development of Xanax tolerance. When tolerance develops, withdrawal symptoms can happen even while user continues to take the Xanax. Many long-term users are a mixture of the adverse Xanax side effects and withdrawal effects due to tolerance in combination.

Experience shows that most long-term Xanax users feel much better after withdrawing completely from Xanax. Many users in recovery realize they have had below normal effects for years on the Xanax. Much like a veil had been lifted from their eyes: the fears vanish, the mood improves, the colors are brighter, the grass is greener…